Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Insectula! (2015)

Thanks to the advent of digital technology film makers can create an imaginative film for a fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago. With the freedom to focus on creativity rather than budgets film makers can allow their imaginations to run wild and the creators of Insectula! (2015) are completely off the chain.

When a giant alien mosquito-like insect comes to earth attracted by the CO2 pollution, a government agent sets out to learn the truth behind the deaths of his loved ones, while the evil Dr. Kempler endeavors to aid the alien creature in its attempt to wreak havoc on mankind.

It is difficult to take a big bug movie seriously, but then again who says you have to. Some films are meant to enlighten, others are meant to entertain.  Insectula! (2015) entertains with 101 minutes of 100% pure USDA choice silliness, but its plot is no more ridiculous than that of Shanknado 1, 2 or 3 for that matter.  

The film was certainly not a disappointment, as I feared it would be, far from it. The camera work was top notch; in fact it was very impressive. The acting while not worthy of an Academy Award was better than a lot of B rated and grind house flicks I have endured. Special effects were better than I had hoped with the exception of the final conflict which resembled scenes from a video game.  There is one scene were the “hero” tries to give himself a piercing that I could have lived without, otherwise I truly enjoyed the film. My only regret is I could not see it in a drive in theater.  All in all Insectula! (2015) delivers exactly what it promises, no more and no less.
 Don’t get me wrong Insectula! (2015) is not a great film. It’s not meant to be Gone with the Wind, it is meant to entertain and fill a void created by the absence of the giant monster films. Plastering the screen with bloody gore, gorgeous girls, and an outrageous plot line Insectula! (2015) paints modern day tribute to the 1950’s big bug films.  It takes us back to the good ol’ days of malt shops, bobby socks and the late night drive-ins and I for one am thrilled that there are film makers who have the courage and imagination to create films such as Insectula! (2015). So, If you are like me and B-rated Big Bug flicks are your fare, grab some popcorn and a can of Raid, and enjoy Insectula! (2015).

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