Sunday, March 25, 2018

This Week in Fright Film History March 25 - April 31, 2018

Man-Made Monster (1941) starring Lon Chaney Jr. and Lionel Atwll was released on March 28, 1941 . Man-Made Monster (1941) would launch Lon Chaney Jr.'s career as a star in horror films and the film's success directly led to his casting in later horror films such as The Wolf Man (1941), The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) and Frankenstein Meets theWolf Man (1943).


The Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds (1963)  starring Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, and Suzanne Pleshette was released theatrically on March 28,1963.

House of Horrors (1946)  released by Universal Pictures, starring Rondo Hatton as "The Creeper". It was the second of three CREEPER films for Rondo Hatton, filmed September 1945, but released until March 29, 1946, following Hatton's death on February 2, 1946.

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