Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Friday's Frankenstein Film Facts

  1. Frankenstein (1931) was banned in Kansas upon its release on the grounds that it exhibited "cruelty and tended to debase morals".
  2. In the film Frankenstein (1931), Frankenstein’s first name is Henry and his friend’s name is Victor, however in the novel, Frankenstein’s first name is Victor and his friend is named Henry. The names were switched because the studio believed that the name Victor would seem "severe" and "unfriendly" to the American audience.
  3. Some of the lab equipment created by Kenneth Strickfaden for Frankenstein (1931) was later reused for Mel Brook's film Young Frankenstein (1974).
  4. Originally Bela Lugosi was approached to play Frankenstein's creature in Frankenstein (1931). However after several makeup tests and intense negotiations Lugosi decided to decline the role. Lugosi upon declining the role stated "I was a star my country and I will not be a scarecrow over here." However in 1943 Lugosi would play the role of Frankenstein's creature in Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man (1943).
  5. The screenplay for Frankenstein (1931)  originally called for Henry Frankenstein to die when he fell from the mill. Later, when Universal decided the film needed  a happy ending, Colin Clive was in England, so another actor was used for the shot of Henry Frankenstein recuperating in his bed. According to legend the actor in the last scene was future cowboy star Robert Livingston.
  6. Boris Karloff often referred to Frankenstein's Monster as "the dear old boy".
  7. Those originally considered for the cast for Frankenstein (1931) included Bette Davis for the role of Elizabeth, Henry Frankenstein’s fiancĂ© and Leslie Howard as Henry Frankenstein. Howard would later gain fame for his role as Ashley Wilkes in the classic Gone with the Wind (1939).   Eventually the roles would go to Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein and Mae Clarke and Elizabeth.
  8. Boris Karloff’s role as Frankenstein’s creature was considered a minor part by Universal. As a result, Karloff was not invited to the December 6th, 1931 premiere of      Frankenstein (1931).
  9. Boris Karloff suffered from chronic back trouble as a result of the heavy brace he had to wear for the Frankenstein’s monster costume.

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