Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Week in Fright Film History August 10 - 16, 2014

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953) a comedy/horror film directed by Charles Lamont and starring the comedy team of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, and Boris Karloff was released August 10, 1953.

Peter Cushing died at age 81 of prostate cancer on August 11, 1994. Cushing  was known for his many appearances in Hammer Films, in which he played the Baron Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Van Helsing. He appeared as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (1977) and Dr. Who in Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966).

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde  (1941) an American horror film directed by Victor Fleming, director of Gone with the Wind (1939) and The Wizard of Oz (1939)was released August 12, 1941.  This film version featured an all-star cast including Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner.

H. G. Wells, an English writer known for his work in the science fiction genre died on August 13, 1946. His most notable science fiction works included The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

Béla Lugosi (Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó) a Hungarian-American actor, famous for his starring role in Dracula(1931) and in other horror films, died of a heart attack on August 16, 1956 in his Los Angeles home. He was 73.

Mae Clarke was born on August 10, 1910. Clarke is  most noted for her role as Henry Frankenstein's bride in Frankenstein (1931) and for the scene in Public Enemy (1931) in which James Cagney smashes a grapefruit into her face.

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