Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prime Cuts - A new Sweeny Todd inspired graphic novel

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Sulka and John Franklin, at the Texas Frightmare a couple of weeks ago. John as you may know appeared in “The Addams Family” and “Addams Family Values” as Cousin Itt and Children of The Corn.  Tim gave me a free copy of his and John’s new graphic novel Prime Cuts (now wasn’t that nice?).  He asked if I would write something about their venture on my blog and I am thinking to myself “this is Fright Film Geek not Creepy Comic Connoisseur.”  But I took it anyway because finding something free at Texas Frightmare is like finding a vampire in a tanning salon. Besides I have a soft touch for independent artists and always glad to help promote their work.

In this unique story our hero, Todd Sweeny, fresh out of cosmetology prison, armed with a lethal pair of scissors and a score to settle, slices his way through a world totally devoid of meat,  that's scary enough for big mac and whoppers fans like myself. This Sweeny Todd inspired fare is not your grand pa's comic so do not except to find Archie and the gang here. Prime Cuts is loaded with profanity, blood, gore and more violence than a Chuck Norris flick. If that’s your thing then Prime Cuts is certainly worth a look. One thing is for sure you won’t be bored.

  If you are like me and enjoy twisted, morbid good ol’ fashion fun, you're going to love Prime Cuts. Don’t be surprised to see a film version of this graphic novel in the not too distant future. It’s nice to know that in a world crammed pack with formalistic driven entertainment that there are still some creative and imaginative artists who have the courage to try something new.  There are 5 more issues planned for the series, and I for one am anxiously awaiting the upcoming releases. You can  learn more about Prime Cuts at


You can also download or purchase a hard copy of Prime Cuts, Vol. 1 IndyPlanet.com.

Until the next time boys and girls, snip – snip.