Wednesday, April 17, 2013

IL mostro di Frankenstein (The Monster of Frankenstein) (1921)

IL mostro di Frankenstein (1921) also known as “The Monster of Frankenstein” was the last silent Frankenstein film. This version of the tale was directed by Eugenio Testa and written by Giovanni Drovetti , starring Linda Albertini, Luciano Albertini and Umberto Guarracino IL mostro di Frankenstein, the first European version of the Frankenstein story was produced in Italy with financial backing from Germany. Severely cut by Italian censors before its release the film was only 39 minutes in length. Very little is known about this film save a few posters and stills, in fact it is rarely mentioned in most horror film history books and websites.  IL mostro di Frankenstein is considered lost at this time. 


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